Taya365 First Deposit Bonus Up To 50%

Taya365 First Deposit Bonus Up To 50%

If you are a newcomer stepping into the online betting village, the first deposit promotion is incredibly important. This offer is not only a right you deserve to receive, but it is also seen as the first reward for future successes. Therefore, to understand better, let’s explore the content of Taya365 First deposit bonus below. 

Terms and Conditions for Receiving Promotions  

Terms and Conditions for Receiving Promotions  
Terms and Conditions for Receiving Promotions

Most of the first deposit promotion programs in general and other offers in particular. Understanding the terms and conditions is an extremely important factor that you need to pay attention to. It not only helps you enjoy your rights but also avoids missing the opportunity to receive massive promotions. Specifically:  

General terms for the first deposit promotion  

For general terms to avoid being rejected by the house for the Taya365 First deposit bonus, you need to pay attention to the following issues.

  • Before the end of the first-time deposit promotion, the casino will cancel the bonus amount for players who have not contacted customer service. All promotions are subject to the full decision of the casino, who can withdraw, change the time, or end the program at any time they wish. 
  • Each player is only allowed to receive the first deposit offer once. If the casino detects a member attempting to deceive or take advantage of this offer, they may revoke or permanently delete the account.
  • Finally, players are not allowed to use third-party tools or software to cheat the promotion through system loopholes. If they do, the entire account will be frozen and access will be blocked.

Requirements for withdrawal

In addition to the general terms mentioned above, there are some requirements for withdrawal that you should not ignore. To withdraw the bonus, you need to complete the required number of betting rounds. The minimum revenue level to successfully withdraw the promotion is 18 times.

Here’s an easy-to-understand example: After successfully registering an account, you deposit 100 and receive a 50% bonus; the calculation is as follows: To withdraw money, you need to meet the betting requirement, which is deposit 1,000×1 + BONUS ₱ 500×1 = ₱ 1,500, deposit ₱ 5,000×1 + BONUS ₱ 25,00×1 = ₱ 7,50

Summary of the promotions for the first deposit at Taya365

Summary of the promotions for the first deposit at Taya365
Summary of the promotions for the first deposit at Taya365

To stimulate newcomers when participating in betting at Taya365, the casino has organized some of the following first deposit promotions. This helps you have interesting experiences from the starting bonus.  

Download the app and receive 38PHP  

The first kick-off is extremely attractive, making many newcomers unable to resist, which is the app download offer. Thus, you just need to download the app to your mobile device, successfully register an account and provide full information as required to receive a reward worth 38PHP.

However, this offer only applies to those who download the app to the device only once. Therefore, please follow the regulations set by the casino to avoid having your account locked if fraudulent activities such as creating multiple nicknames on the same phone are detected.

Offering 50% value on your first deposit  

Taya365 First deposit bonus that the bookie applies to new members that you should not miss is a corresponding 50% value offer. Accordingly, once you have successfully created an account, just make a transaction and you will receive double the amount you just deposited. A piece of advice for you is to consider the amount of capital you want to invest because this promotion only happens once.  

Promotion for consecutive deposits for 10 days  

For the first-time deposit promotion, just make consecutive transactions for 10 days and you will receive a bonus corresponding to the total value deposited up to 5%. This amount will be added the next day, and you can contact the customer service department to request the bonus during the time from 7 am to 11:59 pm.

Instructions on how to participate in the first deposit promotion  

Essentially, the process of receiving a first deposit promotion reward for new members is simply carried out through the following steps:  

  • Step 1: Access the Taya365 bookie homepage and register as required.
  • Step 2: After successfully creating an account, go to the interface and select the deposit section => Choose a suitable payment method (Note that the minimum deposit is 300,000 VND).
  • Step 3: Finally, contact the customer service department to receive the reward and start experiencing.

How to receive the Taya365 First deposit bonus

How to receive the Taya365 First deposit bonus
How to receive the Taya365 First deposit bonus

The Taya365 First Deposit Bonus is a lucrative welcome offer designed to give new players an exciting head start on their gaming journey. To claim this valuable bonus, simply follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Complete the registration process by providing accurate personal information and setting up your Taya365 account. Ensure you’ve verified your identity as required.
  2. Navigate to the “Promotions” or “Bonuses” section of the website or app and locate the First Deposit Bonus offer.
  3. Carefully review the terms and conditions associated with the bonus, including the minimum deposit amount, eligible payment methods, and any wagering requirements.
  4. Once you’ve thoroughly understood the conditions, proceed to the cashier or banking section and select your preferred deposit method.
  5. Enter the amount you wish to deposit, ensuring it meets or exceeds the minimum qualifying amount for the First Deposit Bonus.
  6. During the deposit process, you may be prompted to enter a bonus code or opt-in to receive the bonus. Double-check the bonus details for any specific instructions.
  7. Complete the deposit transaction using your chosen payment method, adhering to any security protocols or verification steps.
  8. Upon a successful deposit, the First Deposit Bonus funds or free bets should be instantly credited to your account balance or bonus balance, depending on the offer’s structure.

Above is all the detailed information about the extremely attractive Taya365 First deposit bonus for new members. So, what else are you hesitating about? Why not register for a betting account at Taya365 today so as not to miss the opportunity to receive huge offers from this bookie.

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CEO Katrina Valdez

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